Taking Care of your Skin from the Inside Out

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I am approaching a milestone birthday this month, and when I look in the mirror my face does not match my birth certificate. When asked my age, I see the instant shock on people’s faces, and an immediate, “No way!” Proudly I respond, “Yes, I am 70.” I have been lucky. Today, women have products and treatments to push back the years, and there is nothing wrong with a little push back if it makes you happy.

Now, I always eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. My diet is filled with whole grains, legumes and plenty of greens. However, I began to notice gravity was taking over my face and I looked like I was scowling. I looked like I was always angry, and I am a happy person! I used weekly masks, high-end moisturizers and had professional facials regularly, but the sagging drove me nuts.

I began to do some research about skin tightening treatments and identified the Titan® skin tightening treatments. I contacted The Sophia MedSpa in Framingham, MA and booked an appointment to begin the treatments. Immediately, I saw a difference and could feel the tightening of my skin. I was shocked it worked so quickly. I am sure my healthy skin and body helped as well. The best part was the small wrinkles diminished, and I felt like my face was lifted. I chose to have a few more treatments because it made such a difference in the tightening of my skin. It looked like I took years off my face.

I added VI Peels to keep my skin’s healthy glow and reduce some additional lines and dark spots. The peels removed some of the old skin, and suddenly my skin looked smooth and silky. I like the peels because my face shows my life story and it is fun to begin with a blank page. I do not like wearing makeup and often leave the house with very little or none. After my peels, I feel like I have new skin and it glows. I have a wonderful husband, and at first, I did not tell him what I was doing; however, he began to look at me with a strange expression. I realized he knew I was doing something, and when I told him about the treatments, he said, “If it makes you happy, I am happy.” I like the way I look and am happy hearing the words, “No way,” when I divulge my age.

Here are some healthy tips for a beautiful skin.

  1. Whole Foods—plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.
  2. Plenty of Greens—leafy greens can be consumed in smoothies or meals.
  3. Exercise—yoga is excellent for stretching as well as daily walks.
  4. Hydrate—try freezing berries, lemon and lime slices in ice cube trays to add to the water.

Try some of these combinations:

  • Mint, Cucumber, Lime
  • Raspberry and mint
  • Lemon and Blueberry
  • Blackberry and Sage

The expression, “Beauty is only skin deep” is not accurate in my opinion. Beauty starts with a good diet, exercise, and a few helpful treatments never hurt.

— Happy Customer, Guest Contributor.

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