They say the true way to show your age is your hands, and they may be right.  I have tried every cream, lotion, and dark spot removal over-the-counter product, but my hands still looked like potatoes. You know…the Idaho potatoes. The skin on my hands was not saggy or wrinkled; however, those pesky dark spots kept getting larger, and new ones began to pop up. I have not sat in the sun since I was a teenager, and I faithfully apply sun screen, but they kept coming. And, I noticed some very dark spots appearing on my shoulders and chest area.

I visited the dermatologist, and they assured me they were nothing but plain brown spots. I was glad to hear they were nothing more than dark spots, but I wanted them gone. I wondered about having them removed. I asked about how they could be permanently removed, and the answer was with a Laser.

Intense Pulsed Light systems are exceptionally effective at treating pigmented lesions, sun and age spots, uneven skin tone and diffused redness. It can also treat widespread blotchiness, which what was happening to my chest. Some of my dark spots were quite large and dark. I knew it might take more than one treatment, but I had to do something.

I scheduled an appointment and said, “Get these spots off”. In full disclosure the spots get darker before they peel away, but the difference was well worth it. What really surprised me was the smoothness of my skin. I knew the Pulse Light could even out my skin, but my hands looked like they did when I was younger; smooth as silk. I still find myself staring at my hands in disbelief. Oh yes, my chest area is the same, smooth and silky.

When I showed my friends my hands, they could not believe it. The skin is not only smooth, but also tight, no sagging.  All I wanted to do was get rid of those ugly dark spots, but in the end, I got so much more.

Of course, now I look for all the other spots on my body and want those off as well, but I also realize it is the imperfections on our body that make us unique. I tell everyone, I don’t want to look like I am 20, but I don’t want to look old, and according to everyone I don’t.

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